Give-It-A-Go Session 2 + Picnic

When: September 30th, 11am

Where: hilly grassy bit by Parliament Hill Track


Message from our Running Captain:

Hellooo everyone, our second give it a go will be happening this Saturday at Parliament Hill !
We'll be meeting at 11am on the hilly grassy bit by the Parliament Hill track. 🏃🏻🏃🏽‍♀️
There'll be the option to do a sprint session (for runners up to 400m) or a long distance running/hill session. Throws and jumps are unlikely to take place this Saturday but will keep you updated ! (Pls come anyway tho ❤️❤️). 
Each session will last about an hour and a half and is open to all abilities (there'll be pace groups for the distance session). These sessions are the same structure as the sessions that will always happen on a Saturday.
Afterwards we'll be having a civilised picnic in the park, so might want to bring a change of clothes if you wanna shower etc at the track after. Our committee will bring some food and drink but Hamish's lovingly baked spread might not get around everyone, so bring some too if you can 🍰🍪🍗. 
Bags should be ok as will be kept on the track but don't pack any unnecessary valuables etc etc. 
Hope to see you all Saturday !
P.S pls follow us on insta/twitter @lserunners 💃🏼💃🏼