Introducing the new A&R Committee

September 19, 2017

Our new Committee, as introduced by Andy Cowan. The countdown to our Freshers´ Fair and the Give-It-A-Go Sessions has started. Stay tuned for further updates!


Antonin Boissin (President)

Year: 3rd

Course: Geography with Economics

Ideal Sandwich Filling: Butter all over

Greatest Weakness: Beer miles

There is much more to Antonin ‘Tony’ Boisson than his majestic running ability. El Presidente is always willing to contribute to a big session. Legend has it that wherever you are in the race, his smooth French accent can always be heard, spurring you on to victory.



Anna Baernreuther (Track & Field Captain)

Year: 3rd

Course: Social Policy & Criminology

Ideal Sandwich Filling: PBJ

Greatest Weakness: Vodka mixed with wine

Seen by many to be the best thing to come out of Bavaria since gigantic glasses of beer, Anna is known for her ferocious throwing abilities. She will be leading the weekly crusade to the Athletics Track and I can assure you that she will protect you with her life.




Martha Wightman (Running Captain)

Year: 3rd

Course: Politics & IR

Ideal Sandwich Filling: smooth pb

Greatest Weakness: Running

All jokes aside, Martha is known for being absolutely rapid. When she isn’t being rapid, her destinations of choice are pubs, clubs and the library lower ground silent zone. Those who want to witness her finest work should visit our Athletics & Running Instagram page, where some of her finest captions and photo editing skills are on display.


Hamish Mundell (Track & Field Vice Captain)

Year: 2nd

Course: Government

Ideal Sandwich Filling: Marmite coz Brexit

Greatest Weakness: His rig

Although a talented athlete, Hamish can occasionally be seen sneaking out to partake in a bit of Rugby from time to time. Some of his other guilty pleasures include using cooking wine at university (what student does that??) and getting his rig out ‘for the boys’.



Amrik Gill (Running Vice Captain)

Year: 2nd

Course: Maths & Economics

Ideal Sandwich Filling: Sausage and bacon

Greatest Weakness: Chocolate milkshake

They say that if you took all the Playstation 2s in the world and stacked them up, they would still be shorter than Amrik’s stride length. Last season, he finished the London University Cross Country Championship in the top 8, out of 200+ runners. His endurance spans to many other aspects of his life, as he is one of the few LSE students to actually survive for the whole of Carol, LSE’s notorious day-drinking party.



Fionn Elliot (Treasurer)

Year: 3rd

Course: Statistics with Finance

Ideal Sandwich Filling: Smoked salmon & cream cheese

Greatest Weakness: Resisting a big night out

If you are trying to figure out why our NHS is in crisis, look no further. Our soldier Fionn has spent a lot of time on the treatment table, often having to run races while already injured. Her dedication is occasionally alarming, once being spotted on the dance floor at the biggest student party in the Netherlands on crutches.




Lio Ando (Logistics Officer) - will be elected soon

Year: 3rd

Course: Social Anthropology

Ideal Sandwich Filling: Pesto, brie and tomato

Greatest Weakness: Flip-flop vegetarian (the worst kind)

Lio is a great team player and is always down for a big session. Seen as a woman of principle, her eating habits are anything but; shying away from a bit of bacon one day, tearing into a chicken leg the next. However, make sure you don’t get on her bad side, or you won’t be getting your kit on time.



Andy Cowan (Social Secretary)

Year: 3rd

Course: Law

Ideal Sandwich Filling: Crispy bacon, lightly spiced avocado, romaine lettuce, tomato and a little bit of mayo

Greatest Weakness: Big bag of cans

Andrew Snakebite Cowan is a truly ferocious seshmonkey, absolutely dedicated to the A&R sesh. Whether it be running every LUCA cross country race (unconfirmed) or boogieing to the point of blackout, you can be sure he will give 100%. If he’s not pulling an all-nighter reading cases you can be sure he’s up for cracking open a cold one, soft or alcoholic, with the A&R ladz.






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