Introducing three new Committee members

October 21, 2017

We are pleased to announce that three new members of our team have been elected for the three remaining Committee positions, Media Officer, Logistics Officer and Charity Officer. Have a look at their profiles and feel free to contact them if you have any queries. We look forward to making this year one to remember!



Marta Guilia Viola (Media Officer)

Year: Master

Degree: Global Health

Testimonial: I am thrilled to be the one that will show how much fun we have by keeping track of the club in a the 21st century version of a diary. I can't wait to contribute into bringing this already high-standard society to a whole new level. I'm sure I'll have the enthusiasm of the rest of the club to back me up, along with the professionalism of the other members of the committee. I hope I will be able to capture the spirit of everyone being involved in activities and events, while updating who s unfortunately missing out on these occasions!



Sean Murphy (Logistics Officer)

Year: 1st

Degree: Government & Economics

Testimonial: I'm thrilled to be apart of the committee given that I'm the only person in first year and being voted in by the team after only four weeks! I hope to be able to run for LSE in the LUCA events and make sure that the team will be able to get to events smoothly being the logistics officer😅 as well as having lots of fun at more of our great socials 🎉🍻






Katrin Bialluch (Charity Officer, in the middle)

Year: 2nd

Degree: Social Anthropology

Testimonial: I am excited to be the charity officer of the athletics & running team, as this gives me the opportunity to organise fundraising events in order to give back to the community by supporting organisations which address different social issues and also the needs of the LSE community. It would be amazing to link up with other LSE societies and sabbatical officers, or even other London uni groups, who focus on similar issues, in order to make the campaigns as inclusive and far-reaching as possible. Not only would I like to organise events for everyone to take part in, but I think it would be amazing if as many members of the society could recruit sponsorship from outside LSE to run a marathon next year in London or another big EU city!



Welcome to our Committee! xxx



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