Athletics & Running - Club Awards 2017/18

April 1, 2018


For the first time, we have introduced Club Awards, which we awarded at our last social of the year. Have a look at the categories and winners below!


Athlete of the Year - Typhaine 

For outstanding records in competitions. 


Most Improved Athlete - Edward 

For the athlete who showed dedication and improved a lot throughout the year.


Postgraduate of the Year - Joseph 

For the postgraduate student that showed great commitment and enthusiasm.


Best Chat of the Year - Hamish 

The member who contributed a lot of wisdom.


Fresher MVP - Kirsten 

Most dedicated and best fresher athlete.


Power Couple of the Year - Lillie and Nikki

The strongest couple in the club.


Zoo MVP - Amrik

Person who has been committed to the team socials and legendary zoo nights.


Most Lovable - Anna 

The most lovable person in the club.


Most Reliable Athlete - Amon

The one athlete you could always trust and rely on for competition turnouts.


Most Punctual Athlete - Gaetan

He has shown great timing skills, and came to training on time at all times.


Activist of the Year - Angela 

The person who has been very charitable and went above and beyond for the team.


Sharpest Spirit - Andy 

The athlete who could handle the spirits very well and never missed an opportunity to show the team.


Over 50 Zoo Legends - Antonin, Fionn, Andy, Anna

The athletes (our third years) who have not missed many Zoo Bar Wednesdays.


Most Legendary Event - Antonin

The person who, on several occasions, has shown a talent for having a great time.


Most Approachable - Fionn

Most lovable and approachable person in the team.


Congratulations to everyone who won an award! The Committee had a great year, and now it´s time for our outdoor season to start!


Keep an eye out for updates on our blog!

Your Committee xxx


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